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Friday, June 19, 2015

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Resolution to Oppose the Development of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure for Export in Portland and Oregon

Whereas, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest are being developed into a fossil fuel corridor by corporations that aim to export fossil fuels;

Whereas proposed investments in fossil fuel infrastructure and transportation for export detracts from Oregon’s identity as leader in clean energy and clean jobs as well as a place of outstanding natural beauty and rich ecosystems. This investment also slows the transition to a local and worldwide clean energy economy;
Whereas Pembina’s recent proposal for a major propane terminal in the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 would take Portland and Oregon in the wrong direction, enabling greater profits from environmentally and socially destructive Alberta tar sands extraction, and increasing global warming pollution;
Whereas, the development of the Pembina propane terminal would pre-empt use of this valuable location for any future economically and environmentally responsible use;
Whereas the energy used annually by the proposed Pembina facility would use 0.07% of all energy used in the City of Portland, and if all the propane produced were to be burned, it would comprise 0.001% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Portland is a nationally recognized climate leader, and these impacts are out of alignment with goals of Climate Action Plan of the City of Portland and Multnomah County;
Whereas, this facility would reduce rail capacity for other cargoes, including Oregon agricultural projects, and would generate only a small number of long-term jobs. Since energy commodities take priority on rail and shipping lanes, the potential for congestion and delays in transport of other products will be increased, potentially causing delays in food and emergency supplies;
Whereas, the facility poses local safety and health threats including increased emissions of diesel from trains and ships, the potential for an explosion, and increased movement of propane moving through the community by rail;
Whereas, climate disruption is the greatest threat in our time to peace, justice and the integrity of Creation;
Whereas, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, its Oregon Interfaith Power and Light Project and its member denominations and congregations are on record that climate disruption is a moral issue that calls for urgent and sufficient action; and
Whereas to prevent the worst consequences of climate disruption we need to keep the fossil fuels proposed for export through our region in the ground.

1. Hereby calls on the City of Portland to stand in opposition to the Pembina project or any fossil fuel export infrastructure projects that may be proposed later.
2. Calls on Port of Portland to aggressively seek projects for Terminal 6 that support the local economy and the development of a clean energy economy.
3. Affirms the need for public policy at the local, state and federal levels to encourage renewable energy and combat climate change; and supports legislation to ban fossil fuel infrastructure development in Portland and Oregon.

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