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Monday, November 25, 2013

Google funds climate deniers Ted Cruz, ALEC, Paul Ryan -- Google funds evil

Tell Google: Don't fund ALEC!
Dear Tenney,
This year, Google has supported infamous climate denier Jim Inhofe, raised funds for the anti-science group Competitive Enterprise Institute, and quietly joined the corporate-funded lobbying group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). That's right, Google is a member of ALEC. What happened to “Don’t be evil?”
Now it’s getting worse: at ALEC’s national summit in Washington, DC on December 4th, keynote speakers such as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be able to broadcast their radical climate change conspiracy theories to a cheering crowd of Republican legislators. You may hear something like this from Cruz:
"Now EPA has adopted greenhouse gas regulations on the basis of scientific assumptions that have been totally undermined by the latest science—and those regulations are going to have a devastating impact on many American families and businesses if we don’t roll them back."
Despite the millions suffering from climate disasters right now, this climate denial is coming to you thanks to ALEC’s sponsors, including Google.
What else will Google be legitimizing at the December summit if we don't stop them? Most likely more of the ultra-conservative legislation ALEC lobbies for now: tax loopholes for tobacco companies, racially biased Stand Your Ground laws, tax cuts for the rich, and—justified by the flagrantly false argument that manmade global warming does not exist—measures that enable unlimited fracking and kill renewable energy measures. If we can get Google to drop ALEC, this will send a powerful message that Ted Cruz's climate denial is, as Google would say, "evil."
Can we win this fight? Absolutely—and here’s why:
We’ve got the opportunity. The national summit will bring ALEC—and its partnership with Google—into the public eye. By delivering the petition in this same moment, we’ll turn around Google’s reckless partnership with the “corporate bill mill.”
We’ve got the power to move Google. As Google’s users, we drive their success. Google's own employees share our values, and Google's own investments in renewable energy are threatened by ALEC—so if enough of us speak up, Google will listen.
We’ve won before. After significant pressure from stakeholders and the general public, over fifty companies—including Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart—dropped ALEC. It’s our turn to do the same with Google.
Factually yours,
Brad, Emily, Sylvie, and the rest of the Forecast the Facts team
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