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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama: We had the climate change rally back in the summer. This is the healthcare rally.

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Dale Lanan said...

Barack separates health of corporate monetary world from that of Earth HZ.
He is a single track Wall Street player-
Who doesn't see the link of health of Earth past the temporal smog of politics.
He compartmentalizes things and won't mention or otherwise see that Runaway heat ultimately is going to claim kingdom.
Earth is in process of snapping out of HZ, Habitable Zone permanently and rate of change forcing this is fastest in Earth history. Hysteresis is great and now 26 full feedbacks drive acceleration into full blown Runaway.
There was a day of action on stopping Keystone Pipeline in Feb, a year ago nationwide.
I marched from Denver University College campus to the mall in front of the Colorado Capitol building very close to where Obama had spoken at a rally during his campaign for first election.
There was no mention of that protest- and Barack was in Florida playing golf with Republican oil buddies at the time-
This while in Washington protest went on.
In run up to elections Barack avoided mention of Earth's condition or the situation with Runaway Global Warming gone crazy; and in debates he sticks to corrupt politics and the evil economy.
He likes his macho and his power.
He attacks anonymous, Occupy, and works for the 1% but is too stupid to change even though Earth cries..