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Thursday, October 10, 2013

WGBH, free yourself from the tyranny of fossil fuel and the depravity of David Koch

Rev. Fred Small's powerful speech:

My name is Fred Small.  I’m the Senior Minister of First Parish in Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist.  Today I speak for myself.  I’ve been a WGBH member since 1985 — 28 years ago.  Today I pledge not to give WGBH one more dime so long as David Koch remains on their board.

WGBH would not tolerate a Ku Klux Klansman on their board.  They would not tolerate a notorious racist or anti-Semite on their board.  Why do they consort with a man who has spent millions subverting democracy and disseminating lies about climate change in order to protect the profits from his own polluting industries?

We are not here today because we disagree politically with  David Koch.  We are here today because David Koch contaminates the political process.  He means to buy our government.  He’s not interested in informed debate.  If debate is informed, he loses.  So he finances disinformation.

David Koch may not have broken a single law, but he is a criminal.  He is a criminal because climate change is a crime against humanity and the earth.  Global warming is theft.  It steals from our own children and from the most vulnerable people on the planet, most of them poor and of color. 

I have a daughter just ten years old.  Her name is Lucy.  She and her schoolmates are growing up fearful of their future.  Thanks to people like David Koch, her future will be one of worsening storms, floods, drought, famine, and millions of environmental refugees—until we demand a new economy of clean and renewable energy and turn the world around.

I don’t believe David Koch is an evil man.  But he is doing an evil thing.

WGBH is a revered institution in Boston and beyond.  How can they lend their credibility to David Koch?  How can they stain their good name offering him their respectability? 

I call upon WGBH: Come to your senses.  Listen to your better angels.  Free yourself from the tyranny of fossil fuel and the depravity of David Koch.

Koch-Free WGBH Rally

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