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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sierra Club California statement on terrible, altered fracking regulatory bill SB4 (Pavley) signed by Governor Frackinator

Governor Signs Troubled Fracking Bill

Sacramento, CA—Governor Jerry Brown today signed Senate Bill 4 (Pavley), a fracking disclosure bill that went askew during the last week of the legislative session.  The bill’s positive regulatory direction and disclosure requirements were undercut by late session amendments that free fracking from rigorous environmental review and oversight until 2015.  This bill also includes provisions that will hinder public access to information about fracking fluid quantities.   

Sierra Club California Director Kathryn Phillips released the following statement:

“We knew the Governor would sign SB 4 so it’s not a surprise.  But it is still disappointing.  This bill landed far away from its intent and its problems outweighed its benefits by the time the governor had negotiated amendments with the oil industry. 

“California’s political leaders need to call for a time out.  We need a moratorium on fracking.  It makes no sense in this time of climate change to be advancing a technology that will create more greenhouse gas emissions, pollute water, foul the air, and make our economy even more dependent on oil.  We need clean energy solutions, not filthy fracking.”

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