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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call Sacramento. Vote NO on SB4

Oil Change International
Dear fellow Californians,
Big Oil is trying to frack up our state and it's time to put a stop to it. They've used their money to create a disaster of a bill that would give them free rein to frack away.
This legislative session, we've been watching as various bills were introduced to regulate the dangerous practice of fracking in California. We were hopeful that something would emerge to help California put an end to this practice in the state...and had some hope when environmental champion Senator Fran Pavley introduced her bill, SB4.
But then Big Oil came in and threw their cash around -- pushing to remove the bill of its moratorium provision, adding loopholes to avoid disclosing chemicals and inserting a provision that could even block Governor Brown's authority to ban fracking should he determine it is unsafe.
Just as Big Oil tried to kill California’s global warming bill in 2010 with Prop 23, they’re now trying to use their millions to frack freely around our state.  We can’t let that happen.
That's why we're now joining with our allies in the Californians Against Fracking coalition to tell Sacramento to stop SB4. Click here to join the fight and call your Assemblymember today.
SB4 has gone from a potentially decent step in the effort to slow fracking in California to what it is now: a bill riddled with loopholes that will allow fracking to boom in our state. And our communities and climate simply can't afford it.
A vote in the Assembly could come as soon as today or tomorrow, so now is the time to stand up and tell our representatives in Sacramento to oppose this bill. 
Our friends at CREDO have set up a great tool to help you call your Assembly member. Click here to use the tool to call your Assemblymember today! 
California has for a long time been a leader on climate and protecting our environment. We have beaten Big Oil before, and we can do it again.1 SB4 is a step back when we must be surging ahead. 
Thanks for your help,
David Turnbull
Oil Change International
San Francisco, California

1 See Oil Change International’s analysis of how Big Oil spent millions to lose on Proposition 23: 

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