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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reuters now including factually incorrect [i.e. lies] climate denier fake skepticism in its articles -- why is that?

Just look at this garbage inserted into a Reuters article on sea level rise research:

Scientists say global warming is responsible for the melting ice. A U.N. panel of scientists, the IPCC, says heat-trapping gases from burning fossil fuels are nudging up temperatures. A small number of scientists dismiss human-influenced global warming, arguing natural climate fluctuations are responsible.

These so-called "scientists" have been shown over and over again to be on the payroll of the fossil-fuel industry, and their "research" has been debunked repeatedly, but keeps rising from the dead like zombies thanks to Reuters articles like this one.  It is a disgrace!

And there is also this denier claptrap later in the article:

Climate sceptics, however, say the evidence is unconvincing. Measurements of changing temperatures are unreliable, contradictory and unsupported by solid historic data, they say. 

They question the accuracy of computer climate forecasts and point to historic, cyclical changes in the world's temperature as evidence that global temperature changes are natural. Others say the evidence shows temperatures have stopped rising and that the sun plays a bigger role than human activities.

Reuters, you need to get your act together or you are just part of the problem.  And you are on the record for all future generations to see.

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