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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Google gives money to climate liar James Inhofe: Fight back!

Dear Tenney,
Last week, over 40,000 people signed our “Don’t Fund Evil” petition, and we held a successful protest at Google’s DC headquarters during their fundraiser for Senator “Global Warming Is A Hoax” Inhofe. The petition and protest were widely covered in a number of national news outlets — from the blogs Daily Kos and AmericaBlog to the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, and the Washington Post.
Now, we are expanding our scope and asking Google to immediately cease fundraising for Sen. Jim Inhofe and pledge to never fund climate deniers again. But we need your help to accomplish our goal of 50,000 signers.
Inhofe is already taking advantage of Google's endorsement. Check out this fundraising email he sent to his supporters, attacking people like us as "liberal" "environmentalists":
"Google believes in Inhofe"
It’s time to stop Google from taking tips on politics from the Koch brothers.
Before we can deliver our petition to Google CEO Larry Page, demanding a higher standard from Google, we need to reach at 50,000 signatures. We're close, but we need you to add your voice.
Factually yours,
Brad, Claire, Emily, Trevor, and the rest of the Forecast the Facts team
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