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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Extremely unusual Arctic sea ice goings on for January

I think we can safely say that none of us has ever seen this before in January:

Or this (gray is not solid ice):

Or this -- note this would be a lot worse if the ice in the Bering Sea were not counted:

And, let's not stop there:

And this lovely shot of the ice retreating:

And of course, this stunning modelled version from January 1st:


Anonymous said...

The modelled thinning on the north pole would presumably be because of Lomonosov Ridge.
It seems the model in question also has to presume that the Eurasian basin has warmed up plenty in the lower layers.

shaman said...

We are experiencing massive qualitative shift in our ecology. Finding things that work, like biochar, massive tree planting campaigns, energy efficiency improvements and human or less destructive alternative energy sources has been possible for over a century, but it will take a vast majority of people making the right decisions to have any chance of slowing the changes that are afoot.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! The ice in the northeast passage not exactly creating a meaningful barrier.

Tenney Naumer said...

Thank you guys for the comments, I was out of town and away from my laptop, so could not post or reply.

The latest look at the IR photos via the Canadian Weather Office shows the creation of yet more significant leads:

Dale Lanan said...

It appears a blow out of Arctic is in progress with a river of heat spirally into the region from North Polar jet breakdown of competence.
This is very scary what's happening.
Politically, emotionally mankind is not prepared to endure what's coming.
It is likely the positions of land masses and lay of shallow methane deposits will finish the job. That is unless a leader were to step forward and put resources where most needed to at least try at lat 60to90 to set things right.. To try at lat 0 to 90N&S to protect the Earth we live on and all the creatures large and small. -concert
what you hear. Consider the chances a chance happening unable to be solved.

Tenney Naumer said...

The spiral is part of the annual SSW at this time of year.