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Thursday, June 28, 2012

wunderground: Record breaking temps in the West

More Record-Setting Heat

by Angela Fritz, WunderGround, June 27, 2012
Tuesday's heat toppled many records in the Central U.S., particularly in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. On Monday and Tuesday (June 25 and 26) combined, 11 locations tied or broke their all-time record high temperature, 78 locations broke their all-time record high for the month of June, and 382 daily high records fell. Some notable Tuesday records from our Weather Historian:

115° in McCook, Nebraska, is the all-time record for any month. The old records for site are 114° 7/20/1932 and for June 112° 6/5/1933—both set in the heat waves of the 1930s. Yesterday's 115° at McCook also broke the all-time Nebraska state June record of 114° which was set in Franklin in 1936.

105° in Denver, Colorado, ties Monday's all-time record, and ties the 5-day record for number of days above 100°.

101° in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the all-time undisputed record high for any month.

111° in Miles City, Montana, is the all-time high for any month.

111° in Lamar, Colorado, tied that all-time heat record in any month.

115° in Hill City, Kansas, is the new June record, but fell short of all-time 117° reading, and one degree short of Kansas state June record.

110° in Dodge City, Kansas, ties the all-time high for any month, which was just set last June.
103°  in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and 
110° in Cedar Bluff Dam, Kansas, also tied their all-time record highs on Tuesday. Our Weather Historian Christopher C. Burt, who mused that this heat wave is starting to shape up like the record setting heat waves of the 1930s, will have a full-length post on this week's incredible heat wave on Friday. Today the heat shifts eastward, with eastern Iowa and northwest Illinois in an excessive heat watch [Hey! Don't forget the rest of Illinois -- we're expecting 109 in Carbondale!], and eastern Kansas and western Missouri in an excessive heat warning.  St. Louis could start to see 100°+ today, and Chicago will likely have their warmest day on Thursday. This heat wave will reach the eastern U.S. by Friday.

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