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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Help support Peter Sinclair's trip to videograph Mauri Pelto's work on glaciers


Over the last 3 and a half years, I've produced more than a hundred videos in the "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" series, and the response has been amazing. I hear from leading climate scientists, oceanographers, glaciologists, and atmospheric scientists every day, who not only love the videos, but use them to teach their students, right up thru graduate level courses. They can do so because all the vids are faithful to the published literature, with copious references that are transparent and easy to check. 
Recently, I was honored to be invited to become a contributor to the prestigious Yale University Forum on Climate Change and the Media, and am now producing monthly projects for them under the title "This is Not Cool".
Many of you also follow the daily postings at the "Climate Crocks" blog, which has become one of the leading "must read" stopovers in the climate-aware blogosphere.
In recent months, I've been privileged more and more to interview and get to know some of the true giants in the field of earth and atmospheric science - and now, I've been invited to join a research team as they make an annual trek to gather data and take readings on a rapidly receding North American Glacier. My host will be one of the world's leading experts on mountain glaciers, Dr. Mauri Pelto, Director of the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project, who has been a frequent advisor, and was one of the first scientists I had the opportunity to interview in researching my series.
I hope to bring even greater immediacy to my viewers and take a closer look at what working, publishing, data-gathering, boots-on-the-ice scientists are seeing and recording every day - the ongoing transformation of planet earth.
Your contribution will make it possible for me to get properly outfitted, travel across the country, spend precious time with Dr. Pelto and his team. I know this is a tough economy for everyone, but I hope you'll consider the value that the Climate Crocks series has brought to the science communication process, and help me take it to a new level.
Thanks to all for your continued support. My promise is to continue to work to make these videos the best, most informative, and entertaining science series on the web.



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Peter Sinclair is a Human being, a Father, a Husband, a dog owner, and an independent videographer. He resides in Midland, MI.
His video series "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" and "This is Not Cool" have been internationally acclaimed as clear and comprehensive introductions to the most serious issue facing mankind.
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