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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Republican meteorologist Paul Douglas says 'keep track of who the deniers are today': Poking a Hornet's Nest

Republican Meteorologist says 'keep track of who the deniers are today'

Poking a Hornet's Nest

By Guest Blogger Paul Douglas, Neorenaissance, March 31, 2012 | Comments (1)
My recent Op-Ed gave me a chance to summarize how I feel about the politicization of climate science in recent years - how it's become a bizarre litmus test for conservatism.
Paul Douglas
Meteorologist Paul Douglas
As I describe in the piece, my "belief" in climate science had nothing to do with Al Gore, and everything to do with what I was seeing with my own two eyes: on the weather maps, and out my window.

I'm not running a popularity contest. Q Ratings were important when I was in local broadcasting, but no more. This issue is too important, and I'm hoping I can encourage other moderate voices out there to step out from the shadows and speak up about your concerns. Contact your politicians. Assume nothing. D.C. is hopelessly deadlocked on climate science and (clean, carbon-free) energy policy.

I have no idea what it's going to take to move things along and start a rational national dialogue (without shouting at each other and the name-calling...I swear we're still in 7th grade, with slightly better wardrobes), but the status quo is not good for our country.

If this keeps up we'll be buying all our wind farms, solar panels and hybrids from China and other countries that (amazingly!) aren't still "debating the science."
Are we really going to drill and mine our way to prosperity -- indefinitely? I have nothing against drilling and tapping the resources we have, so long as it’s not the only way forward.

The trolls can rant and rave all they want -- I don't care. Do me a favor and keep track of who the (professional/persistent) deniers are today. Let's come back in a few years and see what they have to say - what excuses they have for ignoring the science and putting our kids at risk. That should be interesting.
Here is a link to Andy Revkin's Dot Earth Blog in the New York Times.  Shawn Otto posted the full Op-Ed at his Neorenaissance Blog, which can also be found at Huffington Post(Ed: it was also reposted at ThinkProgress.)

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms near peak bloom in Washington DC's Tidal Basin, March 18, 2012, several weeks early.  Peak bloom was over by March 23, but the National Cherry Blossom Festival was scheduled to run through April 27. Photo: Michael Halpern
And to those of you who have e-mailed, tweeted, texted and called in your support and encouragement, thank you.

I'm no meteorological martyr or Paul Revere -- but I've seen enough evidence to make a call on this one. It's either the greatest scientific hoax ever perpetrated on the people of Earth or the climate scientists are correct. Call me crazy but I think it's possible to lean to the right, and still care about the environment and sound science. If that makes me a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) then I wear the badge proudly. The forecast calls for more rinos.
Munich RE nat cat 2011

Paul Douglas is a nationally-respected meteorologist with 32 years of broadcast television and 36 years of radio experience. He is the founder of several companies and author of two books: “Prairie Skies, the Minnesota Weather Book” and “Restless Skies, the Ultimate Weather Book.”

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