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Thursday, March 29, 2012

BBC News videos on the Elgin-Franklin uncontrolled gas blowout in the North Sea off Aberdeen, Scotland

Dear Readers,

I am posting up these videos because the print stories don't give you nearly as much information.

Ok, here's the deal. France's Total has this wellhead platform attached to a processing platform. Attached to the processing platform is a tower with a pipe that goes up to the top with a lighted flare up there. Right now, wind is blowing the methane gas coming out of the blowout away from the direction of the flare.  If the wind stills or changes direction, there is a very high probability that the gas will ignite.

They've never had such a problem to solve in the North Sea.  Apparently, the gas coming out not only contains methane but a very poisonous form of sulphurous gas.  The well is very deep and at extremely high pressure. [UPDATE: NewScientist is reporting that the gas does not contain sulphur.]

They don't have any equipment to go and "cap" such a problem, but would have to drill a relief well (like BP in the Gulf of Mexico), and this could take a minimum of 6 months!

To top things off, there seems to be almost a news blackout on this incredible serious matter.  I have to dig down deep into the BBC's website in order to find this info.  You can do the same thing.  You have to go to BBC, then to UK news, then to Scotland news, and the hope you can tell which of the bland blurbs pertains to this enormous ecological disaster.  Amazing.

Please feel free to send me links to other websites that have good information.  If you see any good comments on The Oil Drum, please send me the links.  Thanks!  Tenney

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