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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amazing but true: even Fox News can be right -- National Science Foundation Investigation Clears Climate Change Researcher, Dr. Michael Mann, creator of the famed hockey stick graph showing recent global warming to be unprecedented

National Science Foundation Investigation Clears Climate Change Researcher

Associated Press, Fox News, August 24, 2011
A National Science Foundation investigation is the latest to clear a Pennsylvania State University climate scientist of misconduct related to leaked emails discussing global warming.

The independent federal agency found no evidence of wrongdoing by meteorology professor, Dr. Michael Mann, in a report earlier this month.

Hackers in 2009 released emails between researchers, including Dr. Mann, that critics claimed were evidence of scientists hiding evidence and overstating the case for manmade global warming.

But the NSF says there's no evidence that Dr. Mann's data was fabricated or his results falsified, despite "significant critical examination."

University Vice President for Research Henry Foley said in a statement Tuesday the NSF report "clearly exonerates" Dr. Mann.

The university also cleared Dr. Mann after two related investigations.

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