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Monday, June 27, 2011

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley speaks out on Justice David Prosser's attempt to spin his violent outburst

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley speaks out on 
Justice David Prosser's attempt to spin his 
violent outburst

by Paul I Tascoupe, PolitiScoop, June 26, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin -- Justice Ann Walsh Bradley came forth with a statement 
late Saturday saying that fellow Justice David Prosser choked her and refuting 
claims that she attacked him first.

"The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office, and he put his 
hands around my neck in anger in a choke-hold," she said. "Those are the facts, 
and you can try to spin those facts and try to make it sound like I ran up to him 
and threw my neck into his hands, but that's only spin.

"Matters of abusive behavior in the workplace aren't resolved by competing press 
releases," she said.

"I'm confident the appropriate authorities will conduct a thorough investigation 
of this incident involving abusive behavior in the workplace." - Milwaukee 

In the mean time, in a typical profile of an abuser, Justice Prosser denied the 
allegations saying he would be exonerated from the charges. This latest twist 
in the Wisconsin Supreme Court only amplifies the perception that Wisconsin's 
Walker-run government is out of control, we can only hope true justice prevails 
in this matter. It is time for Prosser to step aside to assure that any victim of 
violence in Wisconsin are not victimized by an elected official getting off the hook 

If you'd like to express your outrage and demand Justice Prosser step down, 
call his office at 608-266-1882.


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