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Monday, June 27, 2011

Accounts conflict over alleged physical altercation in Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Bradley's office: 3 sources say Justice Prosser put his hands around Bradley's neck; Bradley's statement says Prosser put his hands around her neck "in anger in a chokehold"

Accounts conflict over alleged physical altercation in Justice Bradley's office

by Teresa Shipley and Gilman Halsted, WPR News Headlines, June 26, 2011

(STATE CAPITOL) Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley is accusing fellow Justice David Prosser of grabbing her neck during a heated argument in her chambers earlier this month.

According to a statement Justice Bradley released to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Prosser put his hands around her neck, "in anger in a chokehold."

Bradley's release came hours after one issued by Prosser, Saturday. In his statement to the Journal Sentinel, Prosser denied allegations he choked Bradley, saying, "the anonymous claims made to the media will be proven false."

Three knowledgeable sources told Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism that the justices had a physical altercation just prior to the release of a ruling on the state's new law restricting collective bargaining

The sources spoke on condition of not being named, citing a need to preserve professional relationships. They say the argument took place in Justice Bradley's office with several other justices present. Sources say Bradley asked Prosser to leave her office, at which point Prosser allegedly grabbed Bradley around the neck with both hands.

The Journal Sentinel says another source has told the paper a different story. That source is quoted as saying there was an altercation between the justices, but it was Bradley who rushed at Prosser with her fists raised, and his hands came into contact with her neck when he raised them in self-defense.

Justice Bradley has denied this version of the story.

Sources have said Capitol Police are investigating. Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs declined to comment yesterday, but told WPR that he'd release a statement on Monday.

Reporters Bill Lueders and Kate Golden from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism contributed to this story.

Prosser Allegedly Chokes Justice Bradley

Prosser Violence

by DEE LA COUNT, Politiscoop, June 25, 2011
Madison Wisconsin -- Breaking News -- It isbeing  reported that Supreme Court Justice David Prosser put both his hands around the throat of fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in an argument in her chambers last week, according to several knowledgeable sources. It is apparent that Prosser has a lack of temper control as this will be the second alleged instance of his violence against women in chambers.
If you remember correctly PolitiScoop reported Prosser calling another 
Justice a "Total Bitch" in a tirade before the recent controversial Supreme 
Court election. Are we to trust the decision making ability of a man who has 
the power to control others lives but can not control his own? His utter 
disregard for the safety and respect of others is appalling. Should this crime 
against his co-worker manage to not be swept under the rug in yet another 
injustice in Wisconsin, there better be an outright call for his immediate 
resignation. He has not started his new term, in which should he resign and 
give the seat to Kloppenburg; however, I am unclear at this point how it 

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