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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Mandia: Ayers vs. Errors: Defending Climate Science

[See this link on my blog for the relevant testimony (sorry, you'll need to scroll down quite a while to get to the post): ]

Ayers vs. Errors: Defending Climate Science

by Scott Mandia, "Global Warming: Man or Myth?" blog, February 23, 2011

Dr. Greg Ayers, Director of Meteorology of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, courageously defended climate science in his February 2011 testimony before the Australian Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee.  Please download the testimony (.pdf) and scroll to page EC100.  Dr. Ayers clearly and forcefully showed why Ian Plimer is not a purveyor of truth.  A good summary of the testimony can be read at ABC: The Drum Unleashed.
Another great example of a scientist defending science is Dr. Ben Santer’s November 2010 Congressional testimony where he shows how Patrick Michaels misleads.  (More coverage also on Climate Science Watch.)
Climate science is under attack by a vanishingly small number of scientists but who carry very large megaphones. We need more courageous individuals such as Drs. Ayers and Santer to defend its honor against those that play fast and loose with the truth.

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