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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Modest Proposal: Unionize Koch Industries!

Here's an idea that has occurred to me, in response to the Koch brothers who are involved in many different business activities through Koch Industries. You know who we're talking about: those greedy, selfish filthy rich billionaires who have decided that they want more money and power and will use everything in their power to make the poor poorer, decimate the middle class and, otherwise, try to make the working people of this country virtual slaves to them and their fellow billionaires.
What is this proposal?
To me it is the only reasonable response to corrupt, power hungry egomaniacs like the Koch brothers, people who are so totally, abjectly corrupt that they think there is nothing wrong with simply going around purchasing themselves governors and legislators to do their evil bidding.
What is this modest proposal, you may ask?
It's simple. Now that the Koch brothers and their owned, bought and paid-for, co-conspirators like Wis. Governor Scott Walker have been exposed, the sweetest possible outcome of their actions would be to...unionize Koch Industry employees.
Wouldn't it the be the ultimate pay back if, as a result of the overreaching by these megalomaniacs, who already have more money and power than they could ever want or need, but who want even more and will subjugate American workers in order to get it...for this entire episode to boomerang on them?
Our priorities right now are clear: we first need to prevent this blatant attempt to kill off unions. And then, after having achieved that, our number one priority should be to...immediately start a campaign to get Koch Industry workers to unionize.
Unionization of Koch Industries and all of its various holdings: What better pay back could there ever be?

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