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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eli Rabett weighs in on Wegman plagarism and Judy's friends at GMU

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by Eli Rabett, Rabett Run, October 8, 2010
In an article appearing on line in USA Today, Dan Vergano writes:
GMU spokesman Daniel Walsch confirms that the university, located in Fairfax, Va., is now investigating allegations that theWegman report was partly plagiarized and contains fabrications. . .
Many bunnies will miss the significance of this. 

When a formal research or professional misconduct complaint is received, universities are required to open an inquiry. This is a less formal procedure, usually conducted by administrative personnel with or without academics taking part. it is very confidential. Only when the inquiry finds strong evidence of misconduct is a formal investigationopened. In this regard what Penn State did with respect to charges against Michael Mann was exceedingly irregular. First, they opened an inquiry without a formal complaint (which can be anonymous) on the basis of the uproar fed by friends of Judy (and no one else). Second they published their report, something that can be done but usually is not. Third they started a formal investigation without the inquiry finding grounds for it. This resulted in the second report. Eli should note that Prof. Mann agreed to these procedures. His co-author, Ray Bradley is not a happy camper either.
"Clearly, text was just lifted verbatim from my book and placed in the (Wegman) report," says Bradley, who is also one of the authors of the 1999 Nature study. In response to earlier concerns raised by the Deep Climate website, Bradley says he wrote a letter in April to GMU, noting the possibility of plagiarism and demanding an investigation of both the 2006 report and a subsequent, federally-funded study published by some of Wegman's students. "Talk about irony. It just seems surreal (that) these authors could criticize my work when they are lifting my words."
Many thanks to John Mashey and Deep Climate who have brought this academic misconduct to light.


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