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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prawn brain Monckton looked in the mirror and mistook himself for a real scientist, then went through the Looking Glass and thought he saw a prawn (but he was still absorbed by the image in the mirror)

Prawn brain Monckton looked in the mirror and mistook himself for a real scientist

OK, readers, please bear with me cuz this goes back a long way to when I used to live on Santorini (1977-78), and I knew these great Australians.  I don't know about now, but back then the world was a much safer place to travel around in, and Australians, generally in pairs, used to come through SE Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and into Greece -- not necessarily in that order, and goodness they were an intrepid lot!  Not to mention their fabulous sense of humor.  Anyway, I knew these two young women named Lucy and Yolanda, from Melbourne, with their delightfully strong accent, and they loved to call the local kamakis "prawn brains."

If you could have just heard how they could drawl out the word "prawn" -- oh, it was histerical!

So, presently, we have just such a prawn brain, by the name of Monckton, writing that a reputable scientist, by the name of John Abraham, resembles a boiled prawn.

I'll let you decide (but I'm thinking "Climate Change Denier Debunker of the Week" or "Climate Scientist Hunk of the Week" or something along those lines).

And as to who Delingpole would rather have in a foxhole with him (Monckton vs. Monbiot), well, he chose the prawn brain, and I'd prefer to be alone rather than have Delingpole or Monckton with me.  Their company would be about as close to Hell as one could get.  Yikes!  Don't even go there!

And, thus, I present Dr. John Abraham, current cudgel bearer in the fight against the Climate Denial Machine:

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