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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A note about boundaries by Anthony Watts of WUWT

Dear Readers,

I tend to agree that it is not the done thing to show up and berate someone in their office.

I also tend to think that this sort of thing may occur more and more frequently as the effects of anthropogenic global warming become increasingly severe.


A note about boundaries by Anthony Watts of WUWT

See UPDATE below. Thanks Tamino

This is a personal note. I’m not accepting comments. Today my life and my office was disrupted by the unannounced and uninvited presence of a person who seems to be convinced that I’m in the employ of “big oil” (I’m not) and that my opinions and the opinions of others here is so wrong, that this person must take up a crusade against me.

Imagine if you will, the screaming, accusations, and threats that would be leveled against me if I showed up unannounced on Joe Romm’s doorstep, or maybe at “Tamino’s” house, or what would be said  if visited “Eli Rabbet” at his university without an invitation?

I’d be labeled a stalker, or worse. Climate bloggers would have a collective “cow”.

I’m writing this in hopes that the person can see their own behavior as being wrong, by illustrating how it would look if the tables were turned.

This person has been advised previously that I’m not interested in having a conversation. This stems from previous behavior in the person’s home town where the person has been harassing others on the issue of climate change, making uninvited visits to offices, showing up at local service organization meetings to accost a person with whom a disagreement exists, interrupting conversations with friends at restaurants, and making phone calls to the homes of people with which a disagreement exists over climate change.

Today, the person continued to ask questions while I was making it clear that the person was to leave the premises. I never heard a one because I was being talked over while repeatedly saying “goodbye” while gesturing to the door.

I respect the right of disagreement that others have, but I have no respect for a person who invades the personal space and boundaries of people with who that disagreement exists for the purpose of making a scene to write about later.

This is not cool. It is not respectable or proper behavior. It will not be tolerated again.

We can disagree about climate, we can hurl insults back and forth across the ether, and we can write essays. All that is fair game. The moment somebody abandons those forums to invade my personal property, especially after it has been made clear previously, that you are unwelcome, well, that’s a game changer.
- Anthony Watts

UPDATE: Tamino agrees. My thanks to him for reiterating what we all hold dear as Americans, free speech and privacy of our homes and business. – Anthony


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Killian said...

It's just sad he doesn't see lying about the most serious issue humanity faces as being a "boundary" worthy of respect.

I wonder if he's posted similarly about conservatives accosting women at abortion clinics, doctors being killed by conservatives, or the million of so lives taken for access to Iraqi oil...