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Monday, February 15, 2010

Real Climate goes over the so-called "errors" in the IPCC report: IPCC errors -- facts and spin

The group at Real Climate has posted excellent explanations, chronologies, documentations, and all that sort of good stuff that the mainstream media never gets into print, for all those interested in the truth instead of the garbage written by almost all of the trashy British papers and a good many neo-conservative or Exxon-Mobil controlled papers on this side of the pond.

Whoever the interviewer was was allowed to ask loaded questions (with regard to cherry picking years) of Phil Jones, who must be heavily sedated as his answers were sluggish, at best, unfortunately.


There is also a very lively discussion going on in the comments and this one just caught my eye:

#197.  SecularAnimist says:
The RC group wrote: “We will follow with great interest whether the media world has the professional and moral integrity to correct its own errors.”

In the USA, the “media world” consists almost entirely of a handful of giant corporations that own and control virtually all of the mass media from which most Americans get most of their information.

Those corporations do not use their near-totalitarian control over the mass media to impartially inform and educate the American people about important issues as a public service, out of the goodness of their hearts.
Instead, they use the mass media to (1) make a profit and (2) to relentlessly propagandize the American people in furtherance of corporate interests and the corporate agenda.

The fossil fuel corporations are among the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most far-reaching commercial enterprises in the world — and they have shown themselves to also be among the most rapacious and ruthless and reactionary corporations in the world.

And it is the fossil fuel corporations’ agenda that directs and drives the corporate-owned mass media’s deny-delay-obstruct-confuse-and-create-doubt propaganda regarding anthropogenic global warming.
Terms like “professionalism” and “moral integrity” are properly applied to journalists, not to dishonest, bought-and-paid-for corporate shills.

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