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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please help support Skeptical Science in the fight against the Climate Denial Machine!

Dear Readers,

During these dire times, when the Climate Denial Machine is plowing over reputable scientists who have spent their careers to do the research and to bring it to us, sometimes, we just have to take a break and smell the roses while we still can.

So, I bring you a quite different take on winter:

And, after listening, please think of making a PayPal donation to John Cook's Skeptical Science website. He, like me, is self-employed, and all time spent blogging is unpaid. His work is invaluable!!! And, we need him now more than ever!

There is a button named Donate in the left column.

Thanks for supporting him!


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Robert Grumbine said...

You can also get his iPhone app. --

The introduction of the app is here: