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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NOAA's NCDC Climate Report for the U.S. for January 2009

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U.S. National Overview

January 2009

National Climatic Data Center
Asheville, North Carolina
Updated 9 February 2009

Global Analysis / Global Hazards / United States / U.S. Drought / Extremes
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Maps and Graphics:

January Most Recent 3 Months Most Recent 6 Months
Most Recent 12 Months Year-to-Date US Percent Area Very Wet/Dry/Warm/Cold
Annual Summary for 2008

PLEASE NOTE: All temperature and precipitation ranks and values are based on preliminary data. The ranks will change when the final data are processed, but will not be replaced on these pages. As final data become available, the most up-to-date statistics and graphics will be available on the Climate Monitoring Products page and the U.S. Climate at a Glance Web site.

For graphics covering periods other than those mentioned above or for tables of national, regional, and statewide data from 1895—present, for January, last 3 months or other periods, please go to the Climate at a Glance page.

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National Overview:

Temperature Highlights
  • For the contiguous United States, the average temperature for January was 31.2°F (-0.4°C), which was 0.4°F (0.2°C) above the 20th century mean and ranked as the 59th warmest January on record, based on preliminary data.
This report is very long, so in order to read the rest of it, please click here:

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