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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Looks like a major event in the Jakobshavn region of the Greenland's west coast sometime between Jan 10 and Jan 13, 2016

Possibly, there was some kind of subglacial lake collapse in the firn, or there was a major hill slide of ice, hard to say since there is still 24-hour darkness until the second week of March.

Below are satellite images from the manati star 

This is from January 10:
Inline image 2

This is the manati image from Jan. 14:

Inline image 1

Here is the Disko view from the DMI on January 16, 2016:


Here it was on January 9 (notice the lack of sediment in the water):


North of Jakobshavn (January 8, 2016):

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