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Monday, November 16, 2015

tamino: October 2015 a Scorcher! The hottest month in the entire instrumental record, going back to the 1800s!

A few days ago I learned that JMA (the Japan Meteorological Agency) had released their global temperature data for October, according to which this year’s October beat the pants off any preceding October:

I wasn’t sure what other organizations would report, but NASA just released their October update — and this year’s October beat the pants off any preceding:
We’re also on track — in fact it’s almost a lock — to set a new record hottest year. Here’s the year-so-far compared to preceding years:
By the way, this month wasn’t just the hottest October temperature anomaly on record in NASA data. It was the hottest month, period.
What do you think — will Congressman Lamar Smith try to issue a subpoena demanding all the emails from scientists at the Japan Meteorological Agency?

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