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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oil Change Intl: pipeline opposition is ending tar sands growth -- keep it up!

Hi all,

Oil Change International has a new report out today exposing the fact that public opposition (aka our campaigns!) to infrastructure expansion such as pipelines is keeping carbon in the ground.  

The report is based on a new model we have built, the Integrated North American Pipeline Model (INAP), which analyzes the complex routes, bottlenecks, and hurdles faced by the expanding tar sands sector. 

It examines the impact of public opposition as well as other factors (such as the price drop) on all proposed major pipelines as well as incremental pipeline expansions in the midwest. 

We’d greatly appreciate any help in pushing out the report. 

It’s already been covered by the Financial Times (here) and we’re hoping for some more stories soon.

If you are able to help spread the word, we have a full partner pack here with various resources for social media sharing: 

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