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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Right now we are in the 6-sigma risk zone of climate change

The Choice Part 1 from Bru Pearce on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done. But will of course be widely ignored. Science, data and factual interpretation of information is now a derided skill.

As the narrator pointed out - "managers" (who gave him the idea that we are the managers of the Earth?) are working from linear perspectives while the climate is now operating in a non-linear manner.

Don't expect our "managers" to do anything except follow the money. Business as usualy, more of the same, only worse (I should trademark that saying since I use it so often).

We've known for at least 20 years that non-lineal climate response to greenhouse gas forcing, deforestation and land changes would occur, yet it has never done humanity any good to know any of this. Knowledge has not changed manners. We are unable to change our manner of existence and expectations. It's very clear we have no intentions either.

I now believe that we can only prepare for worse and worse. I do not believe we will ever find a solution to what we've unleashed and we will never have the climate we "think" we have.

The general population awareness of how awful it already is is extremely inadequate. Therefore trying to tell them how much worse it will get is night unto impossible.

Humanity is distracted, disinterested and disillusioned with everything. But we are also deserving of all we've done.

We're going to experience this now. It's the end of our story. It means the end of humanity. What survives certainly won't be us.