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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cowboy Indian Alliance: farmers, ranchers and tribal communities protest Keystone XL pipeline

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Dear Readers,

Last month, the Cowboy Indian Alliance, made up of farmers, ranchers, and tribal communities, marched into Washington, D.C., to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Named Reject + Protect, the protest brought together these allies who depend on healthy soil and water, and steward the land that the pipeline would put in jeopardy.

Reject and Protect

This month's Ask Farm Aid examines the dangers that the Keystone XL pipeline presents for farmers and ranchers. At a time when we're already losing experienced farmers and precious farmland, the protection of our farmers and our land and water should be of utmost concern. The bottom line is, should the profits of a private foreign company be prioritized over American farmers and ranchers?

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Art Tanderup, pictured here with Neil Young at the Reject + Protect protest, is a Nebraska farmer who wanted to tend to his crops and be a good steward of his land. Then TransCanada Corporation showed up to say the Keystone XL pipeline would run through his farm. That's when Art became a rabble-rouser and joined the protest.

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