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Friday, October 28, 2011

New York City trying to get rid of Occupy Wall Street by taking away their power generators, please help

Hey everyone

So the police are taking new tactics to get rid of us. They have taken away our generators and unfortunately, we don't have enough time to finish the 5 bike power stations GA approved a budget for this past Tuesday (that members of our group, Times Up! and Pedal power NYC are working on)(so we don't have power!). We already have one pilot bike generator built but not enough time to build the others and one isn't going to be enough capacity for our energy needs.

So I am making a call out to anyone who knows anyone who can donate BIKE POWER generators for OWS, that would be wonderful, we need it and we are scrambling to get things organized. Please pass this on to other Occupy Movements or those you know who can help. Getting power before the nightfall would be extremely helpful!

Contact George if you want to help or know others who can! 
(spread the word beyond NYC)

Also, we need people on site now to help with clean-up efforts since there is chaos with the power thing and people down at the park are wanting to get organized with tents and weatherization. So, it has been requested for help down by our table and at the park in general.


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