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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Everything you wanted to know about Fukushima, TEPCO, Reactor No. 3, cleanup, contaminated Japanese beef, Al Qaeda and our nuclear power plant workers that you were afraid to ask, and oh yeah, France ships radioactive stuff to our port in a vessel not authorized for its transport and doesn't get caught

Internal radiation dose of around 80 microsieverts from eating 2 pounds of radioactive beef

Are worries over meat overblown?, Japan Times, July 22, 2011:

France sends irradiated nuclear fuel to US — Six casks off-loaded in Georgia and trucked 1,600 miles to Los Alamos

Ship carrying nuclear cargo slips in, out of port, Savannah Morning …Read More

TEPCO redefines “cold shutdown” — Only bottom of pressure vessel has to be under 100 degrees celsius, not reactor-core coolant

Plugging reactors no longer stated goal for Tepco, Japan Times, July …Read More

Fukushima Blackout: Cooling at SPF No. 3 stopped for 5 hours, still on backup power — TEPCO says no ‘major’ change in temp

TEPCO probes Fukushima blackout, NHK, July 22, 2011: …Read More

ABC: Al Qaeda recruit employed at five different U.S. nuclear plants (VIDEO)

New Terror Report Warns of Insider Threat to Utilities, ABC News, …Read More

NHK News Flash: Electricity cut at Reactors No. 3 and 4, cooling system shut down — TEPCO says no “major” change in radiation around plant

External power supply cut at 2 Fukushima reactors, NHK, July 22, …Read More

Updated roadmap no longer mentions how holes in reactors will be plugged — Kyoto prof perplexed this “most important” point was left out

Plugging reactors no longer stated goal for Tepco, Japan Times, July …Read More

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