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Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Currygate from Sourcewatch: Judith Curry, High Priestess of the Climate Denial Machine

UPDATE: Joseph Romm of Climate Progress has an excellent post on his take on Judith Curry testifying before a Congressional hearing on Nov. 17th:


Judith Curry

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Judith A. Curry is an American climatologist and chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology; her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates, air-sea interactions, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for atmospheric research.



Climate views

Curry believes the IPCC has done a bad job of characterizing uncertainty".[1]
While Curry herself is not a climate change doubter, she has urged that climate scientists listen to doubters' criticisms (ref.?), and she does not view herself as a climate hawk[2] (one who judges that the risks of climate change are sufficient to warrant a robust response.[3]) - though somewhat confusingly, she also says "I am not playing down the urgency of climate action, I am saying nothing about that one way or the other".
In September 2010, Curry started a weblog, Climate Etc.; in its first two months, her blog has adopted the same "stress-the-uncertainties" approach taken by past efforts to thwart science-based policy actions, as documented by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway in Merchants of Doubt[4].

Criticisms from climate scientists

Outside her own published research, Curry's "public outreach" communication has been severely criticized by prominent climate scientists and other science-aligned climate bloggers for a propensity toward "inflammatory language and over-the-top accusations ...with the...absence of any concrete evidence and [with] errors in matters of simple fact."[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10].
Coby Beck said:[5]
"...Examples of the unreliability of Curry's blog publications are illustrated by Michael Tobis[11] and James Annan[12], who both showed basic flaws in her understanding of uncertainty and probability, or at least an irresponsible level of sloppiness in expressing herself. Arthur Smith pointed out an under-grad level misunderstanding[13] in her own field's basic terminology. In one comment some months ago[14] she called the blogger Deep Climate's detailed and documented investigation into the Wegman Report "one of the most reprehensible attacks on a reputable scientist that I have seen" even as she revealed in her incorrect synopsis of the charges that she had not even read it for herself. ... [i.e.] she shows herself ready to publicly criticise someone else in the strongest terms based entirely on second hand information gleaned from places like Climate Audit and Watts Up With That."
Gavin Schmidt has criticised Curry for "not knowing enough about what she has chosen to talk about[15], for not thinking clearly about the claims she has made with respect to the IPCC[16], and for flinging serious accusations at other scientists without just cause."[17]

Interests and disclosures

Dr. Curry does not appear to have any substantive conflict of interest driving her climate views.
Curry and Georgia Tech colleague Peter Webster have had a weather prediction consulting business, Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN), since 2006.[18] During Michael Lemonick's interview with Curry for a October 2010 Scientific American profile[19], Lemonick reports (pers. comm.) that he asked Curry about potential conflicts of interest, and she responded:
"I do receive some funding from the fossil fuel industry. My company...does [short-term] hurricane forecasting...for an oil company, since 2007. During this period I have been both a strong advocate for the IPCC, and more recently a critic of the IPCC, there is no correlation of this funding with my public statements."
Curry has since clarified (pers. comm.) that this is the full extent of her ties to fossil fuel interests, and that she has no ties to organizations or individuals with an interest in delaying climate action, or to organizations working on behalf of such interests such as PR firms and science-for-hire firms like New Hope Environmental Services, or subcontractors of such firms.

Views on disclosure

Curry has said she is not willing to accept non-disclosure as acceptable behavior by scientists.[20] But it's nuanced: when asked "If someone was...[publicly] playing down the urgency of climate action, and they had a relative affiliated with a libertarian organization, would there be an obligation to [voluntarily] disclose the connection?," she replied "No."


Curry is not related to Manhattan Institute trustee Ravenel Curry III.[21]

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susan said...

Thanks. The more I try to tolerate her based on respect paid by the likes of Gavin Schmidt, the less I find of her recent work that is credible. Why is she so respected?

Tenney Naumer said...

Susan, Curry has pretty much left credibility and respect behind, with the exception of the fringe non-scientist denialists.

Having one's early work cited is not indicative of long-term respect by colleagues -- Lindzen comes to mind.