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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wit's End, a very noteworthy blog by Gail near Princeton, NJ

Wit's End

Gail, Friday, March 19, 2010

JCP&L the sequel

A tip from a reader sent me to Route 17 heading north from Oldwick, and sure enough, there was carnage on the roadside, just as I reported on Route 202 in this earlier post.
By the time I arrived, most of the limbs and carcasses had been removed.
A few remained, and the road was lined with stumps.
Our landscape is becoming impoverished.
There is a mountain of wood tucked away behind a barn.
No wonder the power company has to mow down the trees mercilessly, they are dying anyway.
As this one that is tipped over reveals, the centers of trunks are rotting and hollow.
Since I was out inspecting that road anyway, I visited a couple of farms in that neck of the woods.
I saw this fabulous kitty without a tail! He ran when he saw me,
and slipped into the barn, so I followed him inside.
The interior of big old barns always has a mystical effect on me. It feels like entering a shrine or a church.


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