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Monday, January 11, 2010

Buffalo Beast censors own article on climate villain Roger Pielke, Jr., well-known climate science obfuscator

Now the Buffalo Beast, under pressure from the crack pot climate scientist (he's actually a political science guy), Roger Pielke, Jr., and his associates at the infamous Breakthrough Institute, known for its own crack pots and deniers, cloaked under the mantle of reason until you read past the first line of their articles.  What a load of bull they post on their home page, full of "no reason to change the way we live -- growth is good!" -- that kind of bull that we all know just ain't workin' out the way we'd like it.

What did the Buffalo Beast do?  They resected Mike Roddy's article on the 15 most heinous climate villains and suddenly the article became "The 14 most heinous climate villains."  If they had any balls, they would have gone all out and published a more complete list, but instead they just tucked their tails under and left the field.


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