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Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Greenpeace activists still held in Danish prison over Copenhagen gala dinner action

The lady in red is Nora, now in prison.

Greenpeace had a vigil outside of the jail on Saturday night, it was a pretty well-attended but solemn occasion. Not sure what future plans we have for more events of this nature, but we'll keep you all posted. In the meantime, we're asking folks to join this Facebook group to show support for the activists.

There's also an email address there that you can use to send personal messages of support to Nora, Juantxo, and the others. It will mean a lot to them to see our support, and I also think it's a quick and easy way to help show the Danish government that we're watching how they react to this situation. Our activists are in jail, while the real climate criminals all flew home in their luxury jets.

Mike G.

Mike Gaworecki, Web Editor, Greenpeace USA

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 2:28 PM, Mark Johnston wrote:

According to the info in link, the four could be held through the Christmas holiday period.

It seems to me there needs to be a wave of international publicity to ensure that the Danish authorities allow these guys to go home too.

Mark (WWF, Brussels)

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