I am truly astounded that Utah legislators think there is a debate in the scientific community regarding climate change when the vast majority of scientists (more than 97 percent) agree that the globe is warming as a result of human activity ("Lawmakers hear climate basics," Tribune , Oct. 22). Scientists are not the type of individuals to blindly "go with the flow." Rather, they are trained to examine data objectively and determine if there is strong evidence for one position or another. If 97 out of 100 cardiologists told Reps. Lorie Fowlke, R-Orem; Christopher Herrod, R-Provo; and Michael Noel, R-Kanab, that they needed heart-bypass surgeries but the other three cardiologists said their conditions could be managed with diet and lifestyle changes, would they take their chances on the opinion of the minority dissenters?

Now is the time for debate regarding the best actions for mitigating the effects of climate change, not whether climate change is real. It is.

Jennifer Shah
Cottonwood Heights