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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nares Strait Ice Arch Breakup north of Ellesmere and Greenland, July 2009

Nares Strait Overview

Nares Strait is a narrow arctic waterway bounded by the east coast of Ellesmere Island (Canadian) and the western coast of Greenland (Danish). The strait is frozen throughout the winter season but opens in the summer and is a major pathway for sea ice flushing out of the High Arctic.

Break-up of Northern Nares Strait Ice Arch - July 06 2009 1800 UTC

Ice Arch Collapse - 13 July 2009

Ice Arch Collapse - 06 to 15 July 2009

Ice Arch Collapse - 19 July 2009

Ice Arch Collapse - 23 July 2009

Link to this page at Canadian Met Office:

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