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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coby Beck: A Few Things Ill Considered on

Readers, I am in total awe of Coby Beck, the blogger responsible for "A Few Things Ill Considered" on the site.

Even if I worked 24 hours a day on my own blog, I could never come up with what this guy does (so, I kinda think that he has some help).

Once a week, he provides an extensive overview of all the best articles published on climate change in any area from paleoclimatology to politics and policy.

Here is the link to his March 22, 2009, weekly roundup -- you are not gonna believe your eyes!:


FredT said...

"Thanks" for giving me an other reason to go to bed at 2 am, so many things to read...

btw, I also was disappointed by Andy Revkin's new "deniers are good guys, too" policy. Perhaps he got some pressure in the sinking NYT... which leads to this question: can a guy be an honest blogger AND a paid journalist at same time ?

And : please don't give up your nice blogging effort - I'm going to read Coby Beck, but I'll go on with your excerpts and comments !

Anonymous said...

Dear FredT,

I was overwhelmed when I saw A Few Things Ill Considered's weekly roundup -- mind boggling!

As to Andy, I have given up on him -- yeah, maybe he is under job pressures, but he is rapidly making himself irrelevant (and thus jobless), while at the same time damaging his credibility.

The Green Inc. blog is being beefed up. Andy is just being used as a pacifier or a distraction. I feel like he is being used, and his readers are being used both by him and by the NYT.

It is very sad.

Unknown said...

Coby and I used to butt heads on His most impressive contribution to me was his show-stopper - "What would it take to shift your viewpoint?" He has a great site ... so do you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, owl.

I am cutting back a bit in order to focus on some income-producing activities -- I just can't keep spending so many hours on this blog to the exclusion of supporting myself.

I may focus just on the Arctic, in future.

If I do that, then I can write the post, myself, instead of copying from other people.