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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Global Temperatures of the Last Five Centuries

Henry N. Pollack, Shaopeng Huang and Po-Yu Shen


Pollack et al. recently generated a global temperature Borehole Locations Map reconstruction using a totally different paleoclimate proxy than those used in the other studies discussed on this set of web pages. In this study, underground temperature measurements were examined from a database of over 350 bore holes in eastern North America, Central Europe, Southern Africa and Australia. Using this unique approach, Pollack et al. found that the 20th century to be the warmest of the past five centuries, thus confirming the results of earlier multi-proxy studies.

Reconstruction, Pollack et al. The geophysical methods used to generate bore hole temperature reconstructions do not permit annual or decade resolution, but only the century-scale trend in temperatures over the last several centuries. Nonetheless, this record, totally independent of data and methods used in other studies, shows the same thing: the Earth is warming dramatically.

The instrumental record of global temperature change is also shown (in blue) for comparison.
Surface Temperature Graph
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