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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Multi-year Arctic Sea Ice Gone, June 2008

Arctic Sea Ice, Day 146, 2008

Arctic Sea Ice, Day 176, 2008


FredT said...

Hi Teney,

it's my first visit on your blog... obviously we browse our same bookmarks every day! unfortunately I have no time to compile links as you brilliantly do. I perhaps have 2-3 more interesting sources, drop me a mail if you're interested.

About today pictures : are you sure it's not some artifact image hiding older/thicker ice?

And, you missed the Iceland Bears story: this summer so far 2 polar bears arrived in Iceland (and were shot)

Tenney Naumer said...

Dear fredt,

Thank you for your comment.

Please feel free to leave those links here for me to check out.

I tend not to post stories like that of the two polar bears because they are not really relevant to the science. I try to post what I consider to be pieces to the puzzle.

Recently, I bought a laptop and was worried about how to save my bookmarks, but there is a function in Mozilla that will save the bookmarks in a text file, and it is quite handy.

I am reasonably sure that the multi-year ice is gone because I watched it move in the direction of Banks Island over a period of 3 months.