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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Greedy Lying Bastards," the new documentary film about global climate disruption and the global warming denial machine, opened in theaters in 29 cities nationwide on March 8

In addition to dramatic footage of extreme events, the film has a large cast of characters, including excellent commentary by Kevin Trenberth, Michael Mann, Pieter Tans, and Mark Serreze, along with Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), Jim Hoggan of DeSmogBlog, Kert Davies of Greenpeace, George Monbiot, and me -- and a denial machine rogues gallery of politicians, oil billionaires, 'think tanks' and propagandists. 

See Climate Science Watch, http://www.climatesciencewatch.orgor the film's website,, for the film trailer. 
Additional information at

Expose the Bastards website has more information and a petition to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, and Rep. Waxman, ranking minority member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, calling for a congressional investigation of "the manipulation and public disinformation campaigns that for more than a decade have downplayed and confused the public on the causes and impacts of climate change."

.Greedy Lying Bastards websitehas info on the cities and theaters at which GLB is screening. I expect it will run through Thursday, at least, at those venues, and after that will presumably depend on the box office.

From some of reviews of the film (Jeff Masters reviewed it at Weather Underground and gave it 2.5 stars out of 4):
There actually is plenty of sober — and sobering — evidence presented to support the film’s thesis that (a) climate change is real, (b) it’s our fault, and (c) a bunch of bad guys have prevented us from getting a handle on it. It’s that last part, alluded to in the film’s title, that is the film’s bread and butter.
... The film’s titular villains do a pretty good job of hanging themselves, through evasion, self-serving doublespeak and baseless assertions ...
As the title suggests “Greedy Lying Bastards” sees more value in urgency than in subtlety. For that reason alone this propulsively single-minded attack on climate-change deniers by Craig Scott Rosebraugh may just be the feel-good documentary of the year.
For everyone but his targets, that is ...
Collated for momentum, the film’s many interviews, wide-ranging archival footage and montage of modern ecological disasters form a blunt but carefully positioned instrument ...
Having given his film a title like "Greedy Lying Bastards," director Craig Rosebraugh is clearly out to take no prisoners in his timely documentary tracking the politics, inconvenient truths and alternative "realities" of the endless global warming debate ...

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Listen to the Radio Ecoshock interview of Greedy Lying Bastards film-maker Craig Rosebraugh (21 minutes) here: