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Friday, February 11, 2011

Climate science “denier” Harrison Schmitt out as head of NM energy department

by Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, February 10, 2011
Harrison Schmitt, a former NASA astronaut who was chosen by Gov. Susana Martinez to head up the state’s Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, has withdrawn his nomination after a squabble with the Senate Rules Committee over background checks.
The moonstruck moonwalker refused the state-mandated background check and that was that.  While I’m sure his replacement will also be a science denier, Schmitt was such an extremist everyone in and out of NM should be delighted by this:

The withdrawal was unexpected and essentially unexplained:
Schmitt, who’s also a former U.S. senator, faced a bumpy confirmation process in the state Senate due to his outspoken views on climate change and other subjects. However, few people, if any, expected him to withdraw his nomination.
Here’s a statement from Martinez that attempts to explain the situation:
“Senator Schmitt was willing to allow a private investigator access to his personal information, but he was not willing to waive that investigator’s liability for any improper actions or use of that information. While one can understand Senator Schmitt’s concerns, complying with the Legislature’s request is necessary to restore public confidence in state government. That’s why I am requiring all my cabinet secretary designees to comply with that request and this has led to Senator Schmitt withdrawing his nomination.”
Schmitt, meet the bottom of a bus, courtesy of the Governor.

While I do think his replacement will also be a pro-pollution science denier, I’m guessing Martinez  will be looking for someone who is a tad more earthbound….

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